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2017 - 07 - 03
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According to the Voice of Economy, "the world company" reported that the mask finally has a new standard. Yesterday, "PM2.5 protective masks" group standards officially released in...
2017 - 07 - 03
点击次数: 52
In the "haze color change" of the moment, haze masks have become a necessity for the public travel.According to Xinhua reported that there are nearly a thousand masks production enterprises ...
2017 - 07 - 03
点击次数: 37
China's November 11 reported that the State Food and Drug Administration spokesman Yan Jiangying held here at the press conference, said recently online reports of "domestic anti-flow masks,"...
2017 - 07 - 03
点击次数: 44
When we are wearing a mask in the haze of the "Silent Hill", when our children even with a mask is still cough, when the PM2.5 strong to high incidence of asthma, when Beijing continues to s...
2017 - 07 - 03
点击次数: 523
Sports, cold, with activated carbon, one-time use, in Beijing, Luo Chen bought a variety of anti-haze masks. "Now the masks are necessities, and they are better than those who do not wear them.&q...
2013 - 12 - 11
点击次数: 36
With the weather slowly turn cold, the mask is one of the necessities of women's health, pattern fancy masks are favored by young women. However, some with a mask of the mask even the bags are not, th...
2013 - 11 - 29
点击次数: 36
Compared with the rubber mask, the main advantage of dust masks is comfort, in addition to light, high ventilation caused by the low resistance, the "maintenance-free" is another obvious &qu...
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